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The precise measurements are taken in order to produce an accurate fitting garment. Multiple measurements are taken from head to toe to ensure that your garments fit perfectly to make the ultimate visual statement.

Bespoke  Dress Shirt

Custom Shirts

Our Custom Made Dress Shirts are made from the best frabric mills in the world. Our fabric line consist of over 8,000 swatches of material that are tightly woven to ensure longevity and solid wear through out the lifetime of the custom made garment.

Bespoke Suit

Custom Suits

A well made custom suit is not only a board room favorite, but also a solid representation of attention to detail. We provide a long list of quality fabrics to choose from. A great fabric enhances the oveall look of the finished garment.



Our service to our clients is a key core value in maintaining a 5 star rating with our clients. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure each and every one of our clients have an off the chart experience.